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Bookings open on the 20th of June, 2024

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Help us use your thoughts as tools to get under your skin. Please describe your idea with as much clarity as possible.

Tattoo Styles

LINEWORK Linework is the simplest style we use in Tattooroom. Motifs are shown through simple outlines, without shadows and details. This style is commonly used for text tattoos, numbers, photo outlines, geometric tattoos, finger tattoos, ornamental tattoos, or for representing any motif in a simplified form. Linework can be achieved with thicker lines or with the thinnest needle, in which case we call it FINE LINE. DOTWORK Dotwork consists of outlines and shadows achieved by carefully adding one dot at a time. Different intensity of the dots creates depth and shadows which leads to a slightly higher level of details compared to linework. On the other hand, unlike microrealism, it has a smaller amount of details. MICROREALISM Microrealism is the most complex style we use. All motifs are represented through a large number of details along with very small dimensions. Most people choose this particular style when they want to precisely depict the motifs as they are in reality, and the choice of motifs has no restrictions. The smaller the dimensions, the more difficult it is to create the tattoo which is why this style requires a tattoo artist with immense experience. Microrealism is usually achieved with the thinnest needle, so the time necessary to create a tattoo of this type is slightly longer than with other styles. Texts, numbers and other linear motifs are not considered to be a part of microrealism.


Great application example

Hello guys,
I am coming to Zagreb in autumn and I was curious if you are available for an appointment one of the days of 23 to 27 September.

I would like to get a crab above my knee, on my right leg where I already have 3 tattoos (it's an area in progress). Attached you can find two references, one is the original design and the second is my attempt at drawing my overall 'wish' which includes just an additional cancer constellation. I always wanted to get a crab, because I am a cancerian, and I got across this fellow in a biology book. The design would be 15cm long and 8cm wide, positioned in such a way that the big claw goes towards the middle of the leg. I am obviously open to any suggestions that include adding or changing something to the design.
Please let me know if you're available and if it is an alright tattoo for you to do.
Thank you in advance.

With love,

Booking contact



To book an appointment send us your tattoo application when bookings open.

After the date for the appointment has been confirmed by both parties, we require a deposit payment in the amount of EUR 30. In exceptional cases, the deposit can be higher if it is a much larger project.

The deposit is non-refundable in all cases.

In case you cancel the appointment 3 or more days before the agreed appointment, the paid deposit can be used to book another slot within a year.

In case the appointment is canceled within 3 days of the agreed appointment, a new deposit must be paid if you wish to book again.

In case the appointment is canceled abruptly, it will be necessary to pay the entire amount for the tattoo.


Approximately 2 to 3 days before the agreed date (the deadline is not exactly determined), we will send you the tattoo design via email.

If needed, feel free to ask for changes with a precise indication of parts you want us to draw differently.

Changes that include a complete change of the motif, change of the described pose/composition of the motif and other major changes that require us to draw a completely new design, are not feasible without another deposit payment.


Tattoos generally heal over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the technique used to create the tattoo.
After the tattoo has healed, feel free to send us a photo of its current state. We offer free touch ups during first 6 months after the tattooing.
After that period, a touch up is charged at the regular price of minimum 60 EUR.

An afterword change in tattoo style and/or thickness is unfortunately not a part of a free touch up included in the price.

For more information take a look at our FAQ