Our Story

Our Story

As landscape architecture students, our appreciation for lines, textures and everything connected to art was always present. Tattooing, as another form of art, happened gradually as it enabled us to express our imagination and aesthetic view of the world in a non-constricting way.

Combining our passions, skills and dreams lead to creating Tattoorroom and in short period of time we managed to build not only a sanctuary for our souls, but for yours, too.

We are changing the world’s perspective towards tattooing.

Seeing how a few delicate lines and dots can transform people’s confidence is just a daily reminder of why we started doing this in the first place. We all deserve to feel loved by ourselves.

The Rroom

Having travelled around the globe and finding inspiration every step of the way we wanted to create an environment that feels like home and serves as a comfortable and safe space for anyone that enters without any labels attached.

Bright, subtle and earthy approach to design creates the feeling of being in your own rroom and never wanting to leave and that is exactly how we feel working here.


Whether it is your first or just one of many tattoos, our experienced and professional artists make sure that each client feels relaxed and leaves with a custom result that exceeded their own expectations.

Every single line is a labour of love.

Every single tattoo tells a tale.

Thank you for trusting us, not only with your bodies but with your stories as well.

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